Archive - Jun 2009

June 29th

Today's swan pictures

Can the Twins get on a roll?

It is about that time of the season when the Twins usually get their act together and start winning. The key this year will be if their middle relievers can get their act together.

Aside from middle relief (for you non-baseball fans, those are the pitchers that bridge the gap between the starting pitcher, who by current doctrine can only throw about 100 pitches, and Joe Nathan, who by team doctrine can only come in to start the ninth inning), the Twins are solid. They should be poised for a run.


Tomorrow evening is the opening of photographer Chuck Kimmerle's exhibition at the North Dakota Museum of Art. The show will run for the next two months. I am going to the opening tomorrow evening. Chuck's take on the Great Plains is at the same time blunt and whimsical.

June 27th

Norman County Fair: Winning hosta leaf

Norman County Fair: Art exhibit

Norman County Fair: waiting in line

June 26th

One of the crazies

Bush administration official John Bolton gets it so wrong it scares a person. Read between the lines of this piece. He wants an invasion of Iran. Now. Just think how much fun that would be, both for the Iranians and our military.

No doubt we'd be greeted as liberators, as usual.

Do these crackpots ever learn?

June 25th

A brief gallavant

Yesterday, I picked Aunt Olla up at the Hilton and we went for a drive in the new car. She loved it, of course. The most important thing, however, was, "what kind of response are you getting?"

Well, people really have no choice but to say they like the car.

We drove around the countryside, pulled into the gardens, then went to town for coffee and a muffin. Olla didn't need her wheelchair, although we brought the walker. She is better on her feet than she has been all winter. Of course, it helps that there is no snow and ice.


I have been watching the news coming out of Iran. Andrew Sullivan continues to be the best source.

The response on this side of the pond from various commenters has been bizarre. The unhinged FOX news types have been using the Iran crisis to beat up endlessly on President Obama. Every event in the world, to them, is a chance to show Obama's incompetence--never mind that he has handled the crisis brilliantly.

June 24th

Oriental Poppy