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Went over to Garden Hills Farms two miles east of the nursery to film some segments for A Little Garden on the Prairie. Our cherry trees haven't done much this year, but Gary has one at Garden Hills that is going gangbusters. It is loaded. 

Sense on Health Care

Krugman tells it like it is on the health care mess.

July 30th

Health care

I haven't been following the debate on the Hill over health care reform. However, I found this article by conservative columnist Froma Harrop to be interesting.

July 28th


Spoke and performed in Dilworth this morning after the TV experience. It was for a Health Fair. It went fine. Had some difficulty adjusting to the keyboard there, but I knew what I was in for and could have brought my own. Met a couple of weblog readers!

I told stories about Aunt Olla and about her upcoming birthday party and about how she wants to invite a couple of her favorite schoolkids, boys, but isn't sure how to get their wives to stay home because if they come they will just do all the talking and she won't get to talk to the boys.

Twins going nowhere fast

This team is stuck in the mud. They just can't pull it together. Now, with the loss of Kevin Slowey, the pitching is in even more in question.

All of the demands for a deadline trade to correct the team's ills are silly. What this team needs is a shot of adrenaline, not a new second baseman. Since when has a new second baseman lit a fire under a team?


Arrived at the studio at 5 a.m. this morning for a series of live shots about A Little Garden on the Prairie. Steve Poitras was the reporter. At the top of each half-hour, he teased the upcoming segment. Twenty minutes later, we filmed the segment, which lasted a couple of minutes.

Interesting. As a non-TV person (if the Twins aren't on, the thing is off), I am mystified that people actually watch television. I sort of assume that the whole thing goes out into the ether never to be seen again.

July 27th


I will be on KVLY tomorrow morning on the early show promoting A Little Garden on the Prairie. We are doing the first segment at the bizarre hour of five a.m. It will be repeated two more times throughout the morning.

Because I am performing in Dilworth at their Loco Days at 10 a.m., it will work out just fine, although I know that I will need a nap in the meantime.

July 25th



July 24th

Some Bach

Here is one of the most profound and mighty of Bach's compositions played on one of the most profound and mighty instruments in the world by one of the world's most profound and mighty musicians. That said, I understand if people might not appreciate this as I have heard the piece so many times that my mind fills in the gaps and ambiguities created by the blurry acoustics of Notre Dame.