Archive - Aug 26, 2009


Went in to the Hilton today to see Aunt Olla. She was reading Anne of Green Gables for the umpteenth time. The book is falling apart, so she was sheafing through loose pages. And those pages were crumbling.

She got on the topic of a country school where she taught in Southwestern Minnesota where the people were Dutch. I decided I wanted a complete list of the schools where Olla taught. Here it is:


Here is why it is pure folly to give pitchers six-year $137 million guaranteed contracts.

Of course, I wish Santana the best.

Yes, I do. Really.

Paradise Valley, MT

Start of fall

It seemed fall-like this morning as I drove to Fargo to film some more for A Little Garden on the Prairie. The wheat is ripe and the clouds hang low.