Archive - Aug 2009

August 24th

Upper Falls, Yellowstone

Home again

There has been some heat in NW Minnesota in my absence. The tomatoes were green when I left and some of them have ripened now.

Last night, we stayed in Bismarck. We did not expect to find good Mexican food there, but at the Fiesta Villa in the downtown area, we hit the jackpot.

Another jackpot: Bidding low on a hotel over the internet while on the highway and getting the Radisson. Very, very nice, especially compared to the previous night in Livingston, MT, where we drew a hotel which I can only describe as bizarre.

August 23rd

Those Lutherans


Good to see that friend Chuck Kimmerle's exhibit was a success.

August 22nd


August 21st


August 20th


This is the only way to deal with the loonies.

Santa Fe to Moab

Took the back roads today through NW New Mexico, SW Colorado, and finally into eastern Utah. New country for me, and much of it was spectacular.

On the map, the road from Durango, CO and Monticello, UT looks like unmitigated emptiness. In fact, it passes though rich, irrigated agricultural land. Lots of hay meadows, which really are my favorite feature of the mountain West.

August 19th

Getting the mail

No wireless internet in the apartment we are borrowing here in Santa Fe, so I have to go up to the top of the drive to get my email. Just like the old days.

When you get to the top of the drive, there are six wireless connections from the surrounding homes from which to choose. Two of them are not password protected. One of them is a lot faster than the other.

August 17th

Disturbing the peace

Lance and I went out to a local Santa Fe place tonight--that is, a place where the locals go. It serves classic New Mexican cuisine, which means good Mexican food with sopapillas, a good Mexican fry bread.

As we ate, on the other side of the pillar, some old guy was ranting on and on getting louder and louder as he went. Finally, he announced to his dinner companion loud enough for everybody to hear that “Obama is a criminal! A criminal!