Archive - Aug 2009

August 17th

Santa Fe

I flew to Santa Fe yesterday morning. Lance has been here all summer, but now his job at the Santa Fe Photography Workshop is done, so we are going to wind our way home through the mountains of Colorado.

Santa Fe is in the desert, but the air is so dry that no air conditioning is needed, at least where we are staying. Last night, it cooled into the lower sixties. Beautiful.

However, I do not have internet, so posting will be sporadic until we hit the road. Right now we are at a cafe with free internet, but I don't suppose we can sit here forever.

August 14th

Twins 11 Indians 0

Scott Baker threw a two-hitter. Jason Kubel drove in five funs. Joe Mauer went 3 for 3 with two walks. And the Twins won big.

We were in the front row over the dugout. When Joe Mauer put on his catcher's gear, he was five feet below. You heard it hear first: The great Mauer has several gray hairs!

The highlight of the game was an argument between Cleveland manager Eric Wedge and the home plate ump after the ump consulted with his fellow umpires and reversed a call he had made to strike out Justin Morneau. Morneau was called back to the plate.

August 13th

Ugliness in the classroom

The "just get over it" crowd, of which I am admittedly sometimes a part, should take a look at these ugly incidents at a school in the Cities. Now, some of the harassment charges against teachers are just plain silly, but this one is serious.


There have been some familiar names in the obituaries. First, Judge Rodney Webb of Fargo. The eulogy written by the editors of the Fargo Forum sums up his career. I never met the man, but his parents were in my Dad's church in Cavalier in the late 1960s, and I remember sitting in their living room drinking pop out of a bottle while the adults visited.

A distinguished life of public service is always worth noting.

August 12th


Folks, you can't be for Medicare and against socialized medicine. Medicare is socialized medicine. I am just plain sick of these people protesting any reforms in Medicare while claiming to be against socialized medicine. Their hypocrisy stinks. It seems that when the government helps them, it is good, but when it helps others it is socialism.

Cut out the crass selfishness, please!

Visit to Hilton

Today was the appointed day to go into the Hilton and visit Aunt Olla. However, when I got to her room she wasn't there. I eventually found her sound asleep out in the gazebo, her wheelchair nearby.

So, I sat down and waited for her to awake, which she soon did.

Olla is doing fine. She is very busy. They have so many trips planned that she doesn't get time to do much else. After most every trip, she runs down to tell Barry, the owner of the Hilton, how good those people are who arrange those trips.

No pitch, no pennant

The Twins season continued its spiral downward with a big loss to the lowly Royals last night. If you don't get pitching, you go nowhere. Nonetheless, I am going to attend two games this weekend.


Spent the past couple of days touring the White Earth and Red Lake Indian reservations in my role as a board member of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. The tours came about after a McKnight board member from Boston, John Natoli, who is the legal advisor to the mayor of Boston, expressed interest in seeing what our foundation is doing on the reservations.

August 11th


Eugene Robinson is a voice of reason, first about the crazy birther phenomenon, and then about health care.