Archive - Aug 2009

August 11th


It has been a busy few days. The Open House was Saturday. Sunday, we had a bus load of gardeners from Minot. Joe and I performed a little for them as well. Then we went over to Ada to perform for a fundraiser for a scholarship in memory of my former student, Laural Capistran Murphy.

Yesterday, I spent with members of the board of the McKnight Foundation touring White Earth Indian Reservation. Fascinating. I will have more on that later, but this morning I am off to the Red Lake Indian Reservation to tour there.

No papparazi!


I have been trying to post pictures and other things from the weekend, but the blogger website has been difficult. I will catch up when things improve.



This young man's service at the lemonade stand at the Open House on Saturday appears to have been involuntary.

August 10th


Jack Zaleski has a good editorial in today's Forum about health care.

August 9th

Health care, cont.

Sarah Palin's insane and indecent comments on health insurance reform, comments which add nothing to the debate but only serve to stoke the fears of the willfully ignorant, are dismantled here. If her charges had anything to do with reality, they would deserve a hearing. But the charges she makes are completely baseless. This is health insurance reform, not nationalization of the health care system. Where did she dream up these ideas of "death panels?"

August 7th

Health care

Here is one big reason reform is so desperately needed. The insurance companies have bargaining power, which they use ruthlessly. Uninsured people have no bargaining power, so they are routinely overcharged. Massively overcharged.

August 6th

Open House

Joe has posted the details for the Open House on Saturday at the nursery website. The food is going to be great. The flowers are looking good. We practiced the music tonight. We'll have a few new songs. C'mon out.

Bottle this one up

What a perfect day. This is what summer is supposed to be like. I stepped outside early this morning to birds, sunshine and beautiful green.

The nursery inspector was here today. Each year, an inspector comes to certify that we are disease free so we are permitted to ship plants across state lines. The more practical result is that you learn from the inspector what is going on around the state.

The Big Bug Fear right now is the emerald ash borer, which recently was discovered in St. Paul.

August 5th


Last evening, we filmed in Moorhead for A Little Garden on the Prairie. The producer found a very nice yard and we interviewed the residents of the home.

Much to my surprise, the residents were three college students, Krista, Dan and Kyle, who have a passion for gardening. It was great fun to find young people debating the merits of this or that plant and discussing how they had tried this and tried that and this is what worked and this is what didn't.