Archive - Aug 2009

August 3rd


For the past three years, I have been the guest lecturer for a history continuing education course for social studies teachers in Thief River Falls. This year, I will merely be serving as the grader of the papers. But I attended a lecture this morning by Dr. Timothy Kazim of Georgetown University on the year 1919, which he argues is one of the big years in history.

World War I was over. There was a brief depression. Inflation took off. Unemployment reached twenty percent.

August 1st

Today's Bach

Time for our daily dose. This is on the wonderful organ at the cathedral of St. Sulpice in Paris. The organist, who needs a haircut, adjusts his interpretation of this gigantic Bach piece to suit the acoustics by separating the notes and lengthening the cadences to fit the tremendous size of the instrument and the room.

Once again, Bach creates and then solves in dramatic fashion an enormous musical problem which mortals can only attempt to comprehend.


I am sort of starting a new life since I have turned over the management of the nursery to my baby brother, Joe. July 1 was the date when I moved out of my office and set up an office in my house to do whatever I am going to do next, which I haven't figured out yet.



July 31st


The Twins traded for 34-year-old Oakland A's shortstop Orlando Cabrera today before trade deadline. I don't know how the trade will work, but at least now the other players have no excuse for their mediocrity. They demanded help from the front office and they got it.

Tonight, a good game going on with the Angels. Twins lead so far 5-4, I wrote the previous sentence, the game was tied with a home run by some Napoli guy I have never heard of but who is apparently very good. So, it could be a long night. The Angels are a very solid team.

New potatoes

Is there anything better? I just finished nibbling on the leftovers from supper. They melt in your mouth. I had some unsalted butter which added a gentle touch of flavor. Eaten with the peelings, I guess that new potatoes are a very complete food, filled with nutrients and probably a few minerals. The real gardening harvest has begun.