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September 30th

Target Field

Sliver of sky


Thomas Friedman has a spot-on column today, just when Newsmax printed a column suggesting that a military coup against Obama might be in the works. The crazies are just getting more crazy!

September 28th

4th hole

During an oil change this afternoon, I decided to walk the Sandhill River Golf Course. It is very unlikely that I will every play it, as I have given up golf, but was so beautiful that I wanted to get out some clubs and hit a few!

September 27th

Facts, folks

Here is a good article by somebody who has done actual research on health care systems around the world. No, the other systems are not all socialism. No, there are not necessarily long lines. No, the systems for universal coverage don't necessarily result in bloated bureacracies.

Reading actual facts is more useful than reading the malignant anti-reform ignoramuses who spout empty ideological slogans about Nazis, communists, and so on. They are fools.

Aunt Olla's 98th

Today was Aunt Olla's 98th birthday party at my house. It was to start at 12:30. I assumed that Olla had made all the arrangements, but when I picked her up at the Hilton just past noon, she said she hadn't heard from any of the people she had invited and she didn't know just who would show up, or what they might bring.


Frank Rich offers up a sobering assessment of the choices to be made in Afghanistan.

Conservative columnist George Will called for pulling out of Afghanistan last week, only to be met with derision.

September 26th

A dangerous jerk

Katie Couric asks a simple and very relevant question of Glenn Beck. Watch him squirm.

If Beck says Obama has a deep seated hatred of white culture, he had better be prepared to explain just what he means by "white culture," to say nothing of where he gets his evidence that President Obama has a deep seated hatred of anything, much less "white culture."

Opposing view

Some people who responded to the Chronicle of Higher Ed article below aren't quite as worried about the decline of the small town.
As someone who fled small-town America as soon as she was able, I cannot stress enough that I would never, never voluntarily return to a place like where I came from. Even if I live another fifty years, I would not expect to see that area undergo the kind of cultural change it would require for it to become a place where I could stand to wake up in the morning.

September 25th


I tend to agree with this assessment: We need to get out of Afgahanistan now. Just...get...out. We don't need a decade's long "nation-building" effort draining our treasury and straining our military.