One thing I am not very good at: Waiting. I am waiting for the book to arrive from the printer. There are always snags. It was due here this week. It may not arrive. I have a stack of orders. The boxes are labeled and ready to go. It is just to put books in them and send them on their way. After a slack couple of days, orders for 74 books came in yesterday.

Inevitably, I wait for the mail. Getting orders is fun. Processing the orders is an absolute joy. But waiting for the mail requires that I do things to distract myself, like a kid waiting for Christmas Day. And if there aren't as many orders as yesterday, then I sort of want to sit in the corner and pout. Is this thing losing momentum? Will we ever vault across the break-even point? Or will we limp across late in the game? Or fall short? I want to know now; however life doesn't work that way.

Railing against that which you can't control is a complete waste of time. So when there are delays, etc., it is wiser from a blood pressure point of view just to relax. (I was going to say that it would be best to "just put a lid on it," but that metaphor sounds like a prescription for increased blood pressure.)

The other thing is that at the height of a promotion campaign, you are inevitably vulnerable. I just blanketed the region with 72,000 fliers. That is an unNorske act of self-promotional audacity. The thought of 99% of those fliers being flipped into the waste basket with an expletive about all this wasted paper due to some jerk who is trying to sell a book is something that crosses one's mind.

I am Minnesotan enough to know that brazen self-promotion is a violation of all that made this state above average. Yet, you have to market. I mean, think of poor Sarah Palin out promotin' her book when she could be at home with her kids!

But if it is a good day at the mailbox, doubts fade.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.