Bring back home ec

I don't think some young people today know how to boil an egg. A good article here

When I went through high school, junior high home economics was still cooking and sewing. Nothing wrong with that at all. But it was also completely segregated. Although some girls had rebelled in the 1970s and registered for industrial arts, only one did in our class and she was resisted by the administration of the time. One year later, thanks to her example, everything changed and several boys enrolled in home economics without resistance. (I should note that the upper grades featured a lot of girls taking construction trades, etc.) 

What should not have changed is the downplaying of nutrition, food preparation and the running of a household. Credit card use should be an entire chapter. Savings. Insurance. Stocks. 

We did taxes as seniors, and that was useful. 

Most of us just need training getting through daily life, much less learning algebra.